Cesar Millan LIVE TOUR 2013


Cesar will share his secrets on how to transform dogs and their owners in this brand new seminar in the UK.  You’ll be amazed and inspired by the simplicity of Cesar’s Way as he reveals that the secret to happier, healthier relationships between humans and their canine companions starts with getting in touch with your instinctual side.

  1. Get to know the power of instinct and energy. Learn how to ‘tune into’ you and your dog’s instincts and energy to change the relationship you have forever
  2. Understand that dogs live in an instinctual world and how this impacts a dogs behaviour
  3. Learn to read your dog’s body language and understand your dog is communicating with you in the most subtle ways
  4. See instincts, energy and body language in action with remedial problems and learn how to prevent and resolve them
  5. Understand the true triggers for what many people label as “aggression” and the why aggression comes out in our dogs
  6. Learn to recognise what “true aggression” is and what it looks like
  7. Learn how your energy, combined with your dog’s instincts, are the key in resolving aggression

Tour Dates

Sheffield: 12 April
Newcastle: 13 April                                           
Edinburgh: 14 April
Nottingham: 16 April
Ipswich: 17 April
Brighton: 19 April
Cardiff: 20 April
Wembley: 21 April
Bristol: 23 April
Bournemouth: 24 April
Manchester: 26 April
Plymouth: 27 April
Birmingham: 28 April
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